GK FOR LAW was established on 21st August 2020 and is India’s first non-profit organization solely dedicated to the needs of law aspirants.

GFL is a one-stop platform for all those law aspirants who face difficulty in preparing for GK & Current Affairs for CLAT, AILET, SLAT, etc. Here, we help you prepare with non-traditional methods like interactive videos, online quizzes, distinctive reading material, etc. We also provide you with one to one online counselling sessions to help you come up with your preparation strategy.


Our motto is ‘to make GK simpler, easier, and better for you to understand.’

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Founder's Message

A few years back when I was preparing for CLAT and other examinations, I had a dream of creating a one-stop platform where all the law aspirants could come together and discuss their problems and hardships that they face during their preparatory stage. I observed that just like me, most of the students find it difficult to prepare for the GK & Current Affairs section. People like me were very scared and frightened of this particular section, mainly because it constitutes almost 25-30% of all such examinations. It was very confusing, it was scary and I needed a friend, a guide, a mentor who could help me get to the end. But I was very blessed and lucky enough to have a mentor, unlike others. My teacher was the one who helped me not only prepare for GK but also excel in it; I scored incredibly high marks in the section.

The one thing that you must understand is that to score well in such examinations, one needs to work smart and not just hard. And this is what my mentor taught me and I am here to try my best to impart the same insight to all of you.

I am Nilay Kumar, your GK Mentor, and am here to assist you in your GK preparation for law entrance examinations. I am here to guide you on what you must do and what you must not do to excel in the GK & Current Affairs section. My hunger for knowledge and determination to help my peers has led me to establish this platform and I can assure you that I will be there for you throughout your preparation stage and will guide you at every step of this journey.


I am currently pursuing B.A. LLB. from Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA.

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